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You can find some meaningful short quotes, photographs (some of which were shot by me), and even occasional comics strips in this section.  

Picture for Thoughts: Farewell  

A selection from the many drawings by the late Ven. Hong Yi, China.
All of his works have messages, and the central theme is mostly on 
encouraging people to care for all living beings, and to do good.
This picture depicts the final farewell from a feathered friend, 
a result of hunting, which is discouraged, 
as it either hurts or kills other living beings.



Need to see the Buddha for inspiration and protection?

He who sees the Dhamma sees me

 The Buddha

The Nature of Kamma

As you sow the seed so shall you reap the fruit

 Samyutta Nikaya

Control Your Mind

The mind is difficult to control;
Swiftly and lightly, 
It moves and lands wherever it pleases.
It is good to tame the mind,
For a well-tamed mind brings happiness.

~ Dhammapada verse 35

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